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Mother's diary

Mommy's page - Mother's diary

Бюрократия для детейЗайка пошла в школу, и неведомые стороны жизни начинают потихоньку раскрываться перед ней. И помимо основных умений и расширения кругозора, очень быстро мой ребенок начал обретать знания, так сказать, прикладного характера. Например, даже не зная значения слова «бюрократия», она это нехваленое дело пытается применить даже в домашнем быту.

Mommy's page - Mother's diary

Занимательная геометрия для малышейВсе детки шалят время от времени, и сколь ни был бы добродушным нрав у маленького человечка, в каждой семье иногда бывают моменты явного непослушания. И зачастую строгость просто необходима – не как способ наказать, а как способ направить, и каждый родитель должен эту тонкость осознавать. Показывать свой авторитет ребенку важно – это дает ему ощущение стабильности в мире: родители в семье старшие, они знают, что делают, и я должен их слушать и им доверять.

Mommy's page - Mother's diary

Детские трофеиAll the kids love to collect "trophies" - bumps, stones, wheels of cars, beads, found on a walk in the sandbox, and other seemingly trinkets actually carry a special meaning for the child. This is not a subject that chose and bought my mother in the store, it's something that I found myself, my personal, a real treasure.
       As in the cartoon "Three from Buttermilk": whether the boy, or Uncle Fyodor, together with their furry friends decided to find a treasure. He took a chest, a shovel, and went and immediately found. And so he was pleased to be independent, cow, farm ...

Mommy's page - Mother's diary


Mommy's page - Mother's diary

On the children's humor and unusual animals I read an article recently in a very proper magazine for moms that nascent childlike sense of humor, ability to joke, be sure to maintain. Sooner or later the child tries to combine words, making a huge leap in the way of thinking of a simple request and expression of basic needs to the wit.

Mommy's page - Mother's diary

Космический бабайкаUnfortunately, not all the moments of childhood can grasp in time to capture. Recently came across a note in the notebook, took another year and a half ago. Zaika then it was only about two - well, just Zaychonochek. If today it has all sorts of buzzwords can screw up - we laugh, but not necessarily surprised, then it is very little, is actively built up by the original lexicon. Then the girl started to get involved, not only cartoons, but some movies and programs that are of interest to adults.

Mommy's page - Mother's diary

О том как морские дали уносят в дали философскиеIt's no secret that curiosity along with a developed imagination - the principal assistant of the child in his desperate quest to discover the world. All at once and in full, of course, do not get even the very wise adult. But the kids did not give up and look for connections, supported by a sweet and sometimes very funny logic, even where they are not.

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