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I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

Становлюсь поэтом Gradually become a poet. Whether papkiny genes (well, at least not that krodily) proyalyayutsya, or at the very desire for spiritual food to wake up early. Although the first creation - it's more rap than the verse, I read it more richitativom, in repski, so to speak. Themselves, in short, disassemble, and I have no time, going four-thread vytvoryu yet, in the sense Navoyan. Damn, in the words of which are funny - Navoyan. It seems Pts to another. Well, okay. Read more of my verses. When, again, a funny word.

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I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

History, in principle, very simple and short.
He lives in the world one girl, which sometimes grows in insolence and very fond of fighting with the boys.
He lives in the world boy, my friend, and what it does - it does not matter in this short history.
So, one day, playing, girl, this took a stick, thinking that this is the most desired object in the child's play. Or maybe imagined herself a heroine of Japanese anime fighting.
What she did not hit my friend, I do not remember, but she can not long thinking, with all his might struck him with his mace on hand. It was tough! And very painful for the boy.
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I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

Taught me Auntie Sveta, fourteen years old, one gesture. He concludes that if sometime someone angry - we have to show him a fist and ask: "Do you hear what smells?". After that, allegedly frustrated citizen you must get scared and fall in the apology.
I decided to apply this method in practice.
Once in the dining room with one of my classmate, we exchanged pleasantries, such as "fool-the fool." To be honest, who started the first, I do not remember. But it was a great chance to apply a new skill.
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I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

Very often we, ordinary boys and girls of middle age, faced with coaxing ancestors on anything. And probably half of these requests on domestic animals, in particular - the dogs. Which only tricks are not going our parents to deny us that happiness - zaimet faithful "wool" other.
But there are several effective ways to parent's heart was softened, and they went to meet you.
1.Nado as often as possible to tell scary stories, which, unfortunately, the eyeballs scored television and the Internet: about the attacks, robberies and all sorts of other variations of deviant behavior toward civilians. Type: "And the one boy who did not have a dog attacked the girl and took away his mobilnichek ...." Or: "There was Masha on the highway, and abducted her. A would sobachaga - even it had not come close ... ". But after the horror of real life "should immediately please" laces "stories with a happy ending. And the end should be approximately as follows: "The dog as GAVKNET - Hooligans-maniac monsters at once terrified, fled, surrendered to law enforcement authorities, flew to his planet."
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I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

Last year I was with the Pope participated in the competition of social advertising "A New Space of Russia . At this competition I won first place with his poster in the age group "Children". I went to the ceremony in St. Petersburg. There's cool. I really liked it.
But the actual work itself.
In this year also decided to participate. Perhaps you are lucky again and .... Hello, Peter! But not to jinx it (pah-pah), while with the pope about our Nova banner write nothing I will not. Results will be - there will be a story.
In the meantime, if anyone interested, the semantic description of "Observe traffic rules!"
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I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

At Gianni Rodari have such a product as "Planet of Christmas trees" . And at the end of this fun booklets is a wonderful calendar of the planet itself. And once in school I was asked to come up with a continuation of (or addition) of the calendar. On the same day we Mailbox Navoyan what I want to show you. I want to say that when we compose it with him, a lot of laughing and laughing and the teacher, when I saw our work. Now we want to share with you a part of the good. And we wrote about the month of July.



In July, the beginning of the month does not begin with the first day, and on the twentieth, and in the opposite direction, almost like a Sverhmae. Only with the 20 th to 5 th. And there's always night. But this night is not scary and not quite dark, the night of the lunar New Year big bright and beautiful stars. Only in July, residents of Planet Christmas trees can have fun and no harm to health admire the beautiful night sky.

I - Zaykin brother, but I - not a hare! - Fraternal Life

Walked in the footsteps of his father, sings, and wrote his first verse:
In the first class
For the first time
They give you in the eye.
Short and sweet.
However I question Folder: "How?", He replied: "In this poem the young author felt great understanding of life, his feelings about child cruelty and injustice of this world. This poem - just cry in the wilderness. Desert of indifference and teaching lawlessness. A child who barely left the bosom of the family falls into alien tuned to him and the staff is experiencing physical humiliation by the reaction of someone's fist and his eyes. And although the poem does not specify whose it fist conclusion is not comforting in any way. We consider only three possibilities:

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